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You have heard the term ďyou are what you eatĒ! This is true for your pet as well. Good nutrition is an essential element in the factors that provide your petís sustained health and activity.

Nothing can assure your pet of an early death more surely than a life long diet of large amounts of protein that can never serve to become nutrient for your pet. These un-useful materials are processed by the liver and the kidney, producing slow and steady damage that ends in an early death or poor health for your pet.

Dr. Windley and the Staff of Animal Medical Clinic will be happy to advise you on the nutritional needs for your pet. Remember that as your pet passes through the phases of life (youth, young adult, adult, and senior) their nutritional needs change. The fine products produced by Hillís Science Diet, Hillís Prescription Diets, Purina ProPlan, and Purina Prescription Diets can help you properly manage your petís nutrition through all lifeís stages.

Visit the websites of these fine companies and learn more about nutrition for your pet. You can also find coupons and special offers sponsored by Hillís a Purina.

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